Air Mata Ibu Royal Cemetery, Bangkalan, Madura Island, East Java

There are numerous stories about love of a mother, and one of them is story from Air Mata Ibu Cemetery, in Madura. Believe it or not, the story will make us respect our parents more. The cemetery is located at Buduran village, Arosbaya district, Bangkalan, Madura. Situated only 11 km from Bangkalan City, the gate of Madura. To get to the cemetery we should step on stairs. This stairs is located 30 meters asl.

Ratu Ibu was a woman, her name was Sarifah Ambani. She was the descendant od Sunan Giri, and a very good wife, and loved her husband, King Cakraningrat, a very well respected king ruled Madura since 1624 under Sultan Agung from Mataram Kingdom. King Cakraningrat was known for his leadership. Sultan Agung Mataram needed King Cakraningrat to help him developing Mataram. Ratu Ibu was left alone often for his work and she felt sad for that.

Ratu Ibu preferred spending her time meditating and prayed that her husband would be save and healthy and their  seven generations would be the rulers of Madura. Oneday, King Cakraningrat returned to Madura, and Ratu Ibu was happy. She also told her husband that she prayed for their seven generations would be the rulers of Madura. King Cakraningrat was upset and disappointed for her prayer, as he did not want only seven generations, but all generations of him became the rulers of Madura.  Ratu Ibu felt guilty for that and sad, when her husband returned to Mataram for work, Ratu Ibu returned to meditate at Buduran village. During her meditation she weeped, until her tears inundated her meditation place, until she died.

In Buduran village also located the cemetery of Madura King from 16 to 19 century. They were the descendant of Ratu Ibu. The cemetery has interesting architecture and the stone  carving makes this cemetery atmosphere sacred and mystical. People flock to this place for pilgrimage.