Pura Selaka Giri Alas Purwo, Banyuwangi, East Java, Indonesia

When Majapahit Kingdom fell down in the 14th century, Majapahit leaders said ” Majapahit might be destroyed, but wait until 500 years again, and the descendants will rise and ask for the former Majapahit territory”.

Alas Purwo is a lush forest, and a National Park and the Hindu temple, Pura Selaka Giri Alas Purwo is located one hour from the national park gate. On the left and right side of the road, there are teak trees and only few people live nearby. Hindu people in Tegaldlimo, Banyuwangi go to the temple by riding a traditional transport called grandong, resembles to truck only the machine used is gen-set.

Giri Selaka Temple is located in the middle of jungle, and about 3 km from beach, and no inhabitants there. The national park provides humble inn located one km from the temple. But Hindu people prefer staying at the temple area. The temple covers 2 hectares, given by forestry minister, the authority of national park.

According to elder of HIndu Tegaldlimo, Pemangku Ali Wahono, Pura Giri Selaka was found coincidentally by local hindu in 1967. People in Tegaldlimo, in that very time, was cultivating land around the national park, and a mound was found on where the current location of the temple. They would like to flatted the mound for agriculture but they discovered big blocks of bricks resembled to a small gate. Local people brought the blocks home and used it as house hold such as for fireplace. People that too the bricks got sick and they returned the bricks to its former place. It said that the bricks was the mark of Mpu Baradah site, though there is no record or inscription found about this. Other opinion said that it was Rsi Markandiya site before departing to Bali. Local people also believe that the power and the sacred of this site so they protect it. Archaeological service made effort this site as heritage. And on the other side, Hindu people in Mariyan, believe that that site was their ancestor’s. To avoid conflict, then Hindus built temple 65 meters from that site. And until today the site is remain the same and becomes shrine not only for Hindus. Since 1972, gradually,  Forestry and Plantation Dept policy to take back the region of Mariyan, and did reforestation with teak trees. And Alas Purwo was isolated again in the forest. But Forestry Dept allow people to enter the forest to pray or meditate.