Kledung Pass: A Perfect Place to Relax, Central Java, Indonesia

Kledung is located in the border of Wonosobo-Temanggung, notable in the administrative area of Kledung Village, Kledung, Temanggung, Central Java, Indonesia. From Wonosobo it is just 17 Km and 22 km from Temanggung.  This region is located in elevation of 1700 m asl. With average temperature of 16-18 deg centigrade. The coldest period is during dry season from July to August when temperature can drop to 10 deg at night.

The scenery in Kledung is very nice, it is located right in the middle of two major mountains in Java, Mt Sumbing and Mt Semeru. Mt Sumbing (3371 m) on the south and Mt Sindoro(3153 m) on the north. Mt Sindoro has a small mount, local people call it as the daughter or Mt Sindoro, Mt Kembang 2339 m. Mt Sindoro and Mt Sumbing are popular climbers destination. Both can be climbed via Kledung and Garung.

From May to August, the slope of both mountain are green of tobacco plants. And during that season, local people will be busy harvesting and drying the tobacco under the heat of the sun. Go to the tobacco field and you can see farmers working on their fields.

It is superb there, especially on dry season when sky is blue, mountains is clear and the texture is visible. Sometimes we can see white hat of cloud above or on top of the summit of both mountains. Sunrise and sunset moment are pretty to look at too giving romantic feel for whoever enjoying it.

You can enjoy Kledung by stopping on the way from Jogja or Magelang to Dieng Plateau or you can even stay overnight in a hotel located here. There is a hotel located in this place with grandeur scenery overlooking to the mountain and tobacco field. And there are numerous restaurant located nearby the Kledung. Not far from Kledung, there is a tea plantation that is worth visit as well.