Gunung Panderman, Batu, East Java, Indonesia

Mount Panderman is one of Batu City icons. This mountain is visible from every corner of Batu City and becomes a beautiful background. The summit can be seen clearly from beneath and it takes good stamina as the road to the summit is tiring. If coincidentally  you are at Batu city square, this 2045 meters asl will be like a backdrop.

To climb Mt Panderman, there are two routes. The first route is the most common route via Toyomerto village, Pesanggrahan. From Pesanggrahan you will pass Latar Ombo, where usually climbers can supply water, or camp, and the to Watu Gede where there are numerous huge rocks (watu dege in Javanese). The second route is very rare known and this is not a common route and there are no facilities such as parking area and water supply as not designed for climbing base.  The second route is a shortcut to the summit and for Batu climbers, this is their fave route to Mt Panderman. This rote is called as Curah Banteng route, a challenging route that few track is 90 deg awry and can only be reached by climbing method.

The scenery along the second route is beautiful only it is more dangerous than the second route. Climbers will pass the edge of Curah Banteng and if lucky climbers can see edelweiss along the route. This route starts from Kusuma Agro Wisata Hotel and then to the base of climbers. It takes round 2 hours to get to the summit.

Mount Panderman name derives from a Dutch man Van der Man, who admired this mountain.