Gunung (Mount) Sindoro Magma Activity Is Detected

Volcanic quake activity of Mt Sindoro that is situated in Temanggung and Wonosobo regency of Central Java, Indonesia is showing significant increase. Quake recorded through seismic monitor in Monitoring Post of Gunung Sindoro and Gunung Sumbing in Gentingsari Village, Bansari, Temanggung on 16 December 2011 showed 9 volcanic quake and 15 shallow volcanic quake, one far tectonic, 1 tremor quake and 18 following quake. That record was an increase from Thursday 15 December 2011 that only recorded 2 volcanoc quake, 2 shallow quake, 1 tremor and 32 following quake. The rise of volcanic quake shows magma activity deep down and this affect explosion type. Only the authority could not state whether it is a freatic  or other explosion as they are still evaluating. If this activity proceeds, status of this volcano will rise as well. The quake amplitude still ranges from 4 to 19 mm.  The smoke has not been expelled that detection could not be done yet.