Pulau Tabuhan: Bonsai Lovers paradise and Birdwatching Spot, Banyuwangi, East Java, Indonesia

Pulau Tabugan is located in Bali Strait and separated Java to Bali ISland. Pulai Tabuhan is administratively located in Bangsring village, Wongsorejo, Banyuwangi. The only transportation to get there is fishermen boat, and it takes only 4o minutes from Kampe beach. The boat trip is very chalengging through big waves and rising adrenalin.

White sand circles the island, cliff and coral reef is very amazing. There is a lighthouse on the east side, and seagulls fly here and there. The sea biota, underwater wildlife, seaweed, octopus and small fishes jump here and there welcoming visitors.

Visitors in Tabuhan Island also can enjoy the richness of flora and fauna on this 5 hectares island. One of animals live in this island is maleo bird from Sulawesi with its black fur, and 55 sm length, and grey feet. Maleo bird migrates from Sulawesi and usually they make nest on sand for laying eggs. This birds diets are seeds, ants, and other tiny animals.

The Helmeted Hornbill also transit in this island. And it is one of protected species. This hornbill has white stomach , feet, tail. This bird size can be 60 cm, but with its feather it can be 160 cm. Other bird can be seen here is starling.

Pulau Tabuhan is also paradise for plants lovers. There is an area called setigi garden where bonsai lovers love to visit.