Octopus Hunting at Papuma Bay, East Java, Indonesia

One of the uniqueness of Papuma beach is octopus that live in superficial depth among reef. This mollusk is from Cephalopoda  and Octopoda ordo and coral reef. Octopus has 8 arms not tentacles, with rounds suckers and cavity on its arms to move and to catch prey. Octopus arms is a hydro-state muscular that almost consists of muscle without bones and skull.

Octopus life span is short up to 6 months and few species can live until 5 years. Death mostly caused by reproduction, male dies after mating, and female dies after laying eggs.

To hunt octopus, ones should know the physical appearance, species, diet, defensive character of it. Fishermen hunt octopus at night using imitation crab as bates. Octopus can be grilled and it tastes well. Octopus menus can be found easily in food stalls at papuma beach.