Monument and Heroes Cemetery, Malang, East Java, Indonesia

The Monument and Heroes Cemetery is located at Jalan Pahlawan Trip. The heroes in this cemetery were died in clash I in 31 July 1947. There are 35 members of TBIPH 11 in that battle. The fiercest battled was happened at Jalan Salak and Jalan pahlawan TBIP. The battle was imbalance as Dutch used tank with modern arms. While TBIP soldiers only used any weapons they could use. They were lost and in that imbalance fight Dutch hit Indonesian fighters with Tank AM-TBACK. The tank is displayed at Brawijaya Museum and we could still see how cruel Dutch in Clash I. All fighters died was buried at Heroes Cemetery. Recently Malang erected TBIP monument to honor their service located at Jalan Ijen and Jalan Pahlawan Trip.