Boentoel Museum , Malang, East Java, Indonesia

Bentoel Museum was a house to sell cigarettes. This business started by Ong Hok Lion in 1925. The business located at Jalan Pecinan Kecil no 32 and now known as Jalan Woromargo.  Today the house is used as museum Bentoel, and the factory of Bentoel is located at Karanglo, Malang with new management PT Bentoel Prima.

Bentoel name was the result of the founder meditation at Gunung Kawi in purpose for good business fortune. After few times meditating, in his sleep, Ong Hok Lion dreamed that he saw many people carrying bentul (kind of vegetable). So later he named his business brand with Bentoel.

The Museum was established delineating the founder hard work for Malang youths. He started his business in very small scale until became the big five of cigarette industry in Indonesia. The museum opens from Monday to Friday from 08.00 to 14.00.