Ranu Kumbolo: An exotic lake on Gunung Semeru Lumajang, East Java, Indonesia

Ranu Kumbolo is located on slope of the highest peak of java, Gunung Semeru or Mahameru. The crated of Semeru is an active crater that always expels volcanic material, its name is Kawah Konggring Saloko.

Ranu Kumbolo is a lake with a breathtaking and exotic scenery. The lake edge is used as resting place and make camp for Gunung Semeru climners. Ranu Kumbolo is accessible from Malang or Lumajang, East Java, Indonesia.

If you go by public transportation, from Malang take transport to Tumpang and stop at Tumpang station. Trip then proceed with truck of vegetables or Jeep that is rented by local people to Ranu Pane. Before arriving at Ranu Pane, visitors should stop for climbing permission at Gubugklakah. If visitors come via Lumajang, they should get to Ranu Pane village, at Senduro district using private car or by motorbike taxi. And visitors should get permission from BTS National park as Ranu pane village.

The trip to Ranu Kumbolo takes a very good stamina, and sufficient logistic, and should prepare everything carefully. The trek to Ranu Kumbolo will pass very nice scenery, but trekkers should be alert. From Ranu pane there is 5 km of slope with Edelweiss grows everywhere, and trekkers will pass Watu Rejeng, where there is a very beautiful steep rock. The valley and hills overgrown with pines look amazing from the track, sometimes smoke from Semeru peak can be seen. The trek from Ranu Pane to Ranu Kumbolo usually takes 5 to 6 hours.

Climbers can also enjoy the beautiful lake and its fresh water where there are fishes and wild grouse. Sunrise from behind the hill is unforgettable for Ranu Kumbolo visitors. Ranu Kumbolo is 2400 m asl and coners 14 hectares.

BTS National park closed the climbing to Semeru in rainy season for erosion and storm reason. Almost every year, the Semeru climbing activity is closed for 4 months from December to April. This due to ecosystem recovery of the mountain. Before the climbing activity opens, BTS National park will have to survey the route if climbing is already safe for climbers.

Ranu Kumbolo can be a challenge for nature lovers or trekkers, but they should wait until the National Park opens the climbing activity. Warm clothing and food are a must to visit Ranu Kumbolo as the temperature is freezing.

Beside the natural beauty, visitors can fish at Ranu Kumbolo.