Kraton Yogyakarta Royal Wedding October 18th 2011

The wedding procession of Yogyakarta royal wedding was held at Panepen Kraton Yogyakarta on October 18th 2011. The Bride is Princess Gusti Raden Ajeng Nur Astuti Wijareni, the youngest daughter of Sri Sultan Hemengkubuwono X. The groom,  Achmad Ubaidillah or Kanjeng Pangeran Haryo Yudanegoro looked handsome in white beskap with classical motives. The wedding date was picked carefully according to Javanese calculation based on birthday of the groom and bride.

The wedding procession was only attended by the groom and Sri Sultan, while the bride and the groom will meet on the  panggih procession after the wedding procession at Bangsal Kencono. Panggih is Javanese means ‘meet’.

Panggih Procession was accompanied by 3 Janavese rhymes, Gending Bingri played when the groom arrives, Gending Ladrang Pengantin, to accompany the panggih procession from balangan (throwing betel leaf to each other). wijik dadi (stepping/breaking egg) and washing husband feet procession. And Gending Boyong/ Gending Puspowarno to accompany kacar kucur, to symbolize the handover of livelihood. In the pangggih procession, guests.

The entire event started on 16 October till 19 October 2011. On the 16 October, the groom was received at the veranda of Ndalem Mangkunegaran to expect the royal family who will take him to royal coach, then led to Bangsal Kesatrian hall and resided at Gedhong Srikaton building. At the meantime, the bride underwent Plangkahan ritual at the western palace to get blessings from GRA Burabra Juwita, her still single older sister. This ritual was proceeded with ngabekten, asking blessing from the whole royal family.

The bride and groom looked amazing in dodotan costume. The wedding was attended by President SBY, foreign ambassadors, kings of  Indonesia regions.

Image : The Jakarta Post