Mount (Gunung) Ungaran, Central Java, Indonesia

Gunung Ungaran is on of mountain located in Central Java, notably in Semarang Regency, Kendal Regency, and Ambarawa. From the peak of Mt Ungaran, on the north is Java Sea while Mt Merap Merbabu, Telomoyo and Kendalisodo , Rawa pening, Sindoro, Sumbing and Mt Perahu can be seen on the other directions.

Mt Ungaran is 2050 m asl with tropical forest vegetation, and coffee and tea plantation on its slope. Around the mountain there are few attractions such as Curug Lawe, Gedong Songo Temple and Nglimut hot spring, and so on.

The type of this mountain is strato, and consists of 2 mountains Mt Gendol, Mt Botak and Mt Ungaran, it takes 5 hours to climb via Gedong Songo and 8 hours via Jimbaran. This mountain is special for the presence of geothermal source on the southern and northern part of the mountain, plus on the eastern mountain foot. There are 86 deg hot spring, 48 and 53 deg  and on the east is 42 deg hot-spring. The geo thermal is caused by the youngest activity of volcano here, since adhesive lahar on the crater located on the north. There is no eruption record, only activities nearby peak of Ungaran. The newest activity of volcano is  heap of basalt and andesit circle with 19 km diameter cutting the old ungaran volcano and third sediment. 2 generations of andesit dome had been created since the forth layer created around circle fault and mountain slopes.

There are 4 routes to trek to peak of Mt Ungaran : Via Gedong Songo, Via Jimbaran, Via Nglimut and Via Medini.

Here is the route via Medini. This route starts from Promasan Village (1800 m) from here just takes 2hour to the peak. In the middle of the plantation located Japan cave, 150 m tunnel with 3 entrance. To get inside the cave takes flashlight. In Promasan also located Promasan Temple, a bathing place temple with humble statues. It said that bathing here will make one look forever young.

From Promasan village, the track is in the middle of tea plantatio, and then pine trees. To reach the top we should pass hard trail and rocky track that sometimes we should climb round 1 meter high rock. After 1 hour trek, there will be round 2o meters cliff decorated with savannah and trees. At noon, this area is very hot, windy as scarceness of trees, only grasses to the peak. It is recommended to climb early morning or at night to avoid heat and save water. Arriving at the small forest flanked by 2 hills slopes means that it is close to the peak. From the peak, Mt Sindoro and Sumbing can be seen, and a monument was built by military battalion here.

Descend via Candi Gedong Songo can be an interesting option. Passing lush forest, the rail can be slippery on rainy season. After 3 hours trek through plain and steep trail, with beautiful scenery of Rawa Pening and Mt Merbabu along the track.

According to locals, Dasamuka, was buried under the mountain by Hanoman. Dasamuka is an antagonist character that  kidnaps Sinta in Mahabarata Epic. Dasamuka has many lives, that Rama, Sinta’s husband could not kill him no matter weapons he uses. Finally, Hanoman, the white mokeys, the follower of Rama, buried him with a mountain that later named as Ungaran Mountain.