Ketep Pass: Volcano Based Attraction, Central Java, Indonesia

Ketep Pass, is relatively new tourist spot located 17 KM from Blabak Magelang, 30 KM from Magelang City, and 35 KM from Boyolali, and form Borobudur Temple it is just 35 KM away. This place also can be accesed from Salatiga via Kopeng and Kaponan only for 32 KM. Lied at the height of 1200 m asl, and covers 8000 m2, this place is accesible by bus, mini bus and motorbike. It was officially opened in 2002 and developed to be attraction with volcano based.

View Shelters to see Mt Merapi and Merbabu give you clear view of them, especially Mt Merapi. This spot is where you can see the thrilling lava of Mt Merapi with naked eyes at night. And do not worry that seeing the volcano will endanger you though you on a close distance to it, as the valley will block the lava even in huge eruption, beside the lava never move to the south but westward or northward. From the shelter the terraces of farm span beautifully on the slopes.

For volcano enthusiast or maybe for curious visitors, Ketep Volcano Theater is a worth visit. The movie about Mt Merapi, one of the most active volcano on earth is played in this theater with 78 seats capacity. The documentary movei gives description about the climbing tracks, Garuda Peak of Mt Merapi research and the formidable eruptions of Merapi.
There is also Ketep Volcano Centre that displays miniature of Mt Merapi with interactive computer system for volcano documents, and stones ejected by Mt Merapi from time to time.

Pelataran Panca Arga is the highest spot in Ketep Pass. Panca means 5 and Arga means mountains. From this spot 5 peaks in Central Java are visible emblazoned the scenery, they are Gunung Merbabu, Gunung Merapi, Gunung Sindoro, Gunung Sumbing and Gunung Slamet. And of course there are other less high peak can be seen too; Gunung Tidar, Gunung Andong, Gunung Pring, Bukit Menoreh,Dieng Plateau, Bukit Telowmoyo, etc.