Gunung Sumbing, Wonosobo, Central Java, Indonesia

Mt Sumbing is one of the highest mountain in Java, located in Central Java Indonesia. With height of 3371 m, this mountain with his wife Mt Sindoro look protruding among the surrounding. This strato type mountain has been very popular among mountain climbers as it is the higest peak in Central Java.

There are three routes to get to the summit:
1. Cepit Parakan (East Slope)
2. Kalikajar (East Slope)
3. Garung (West Slope)

The most recommended route is from Garung, as it is deemed to be more secure and and the fastest duration to get to the peak. From Garung route, there will be two options route the new or the older route. The older route will lead to 70 deg of awry slope, the new route is more convenient with hilly tracks that will take more time.
This is the older route to the top:
1. Basecamp (monitoring post) with height of 1455 M (KM 1)
2. Farming field (KM 2)
3. Malim (KM 3)
4. Genus (KM 4) 2240
5. Seduplak Roto (Km V)
6. Pestan 2437 M
7. Pasar Watu (Watu Kotak) 2763 M
8. Tanah Putih (KM VI)
9. Puncak Buntu 3371 M
10. Puncak Kawah (KM VII)

Newer Route:
1. Base Camp (Km I)
2. Ladang pertanian (Km II)
3. Kedung (Bosweisen) (Km III)
4. Gatakan (Km IV) 2240 M (Pos 2)
5. Krendegan. After Krendengan the route will join the older route at Prestan 2437 M.

The slope of this mountain is dry and overgrown by bush, that water is slightly hard to find only on the height of 2200 m. The track considered as open one. Climbing through the slope, will pass farming field first before entering rocky track. After the rocky track, then reach to the deadlock summit (Puncak Buntu) of 3371 m. From this summit, follow the track circle path and descend to the Kawah Besar (Huge Crater),the crater of this volcano. From the summit, other adjacent peaks ; Mt Sindoro and Mt Slamet (3428m). Trekk duration to climb is 8 to 15 hours depends on the weather and physical condition of each individuals. If climbers take Kalikajar or Cepit routes can take longer, 1 to 2 days because of less signpost. What make Mt Sumbing climbing interesting are the open sights along the track and crater that can be visited beneath. Down the crater is overgrown with grasses and surrounded by wall of cliff. This grasses ground can be used as camping ground, sure by choosing site that is far enough from the sulfur smoke.